16 Nets Kiln Dried Ash Logs


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  • 16 nets Kiln Dried Logs.
  • Free delivery in London.
  • All logs are a uniform 10 inches.
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Each one of our netted log packages contains quality firewood that is kiln dried, resulting in less than 15 percent moisture in each slab of wood. The netting allows for the bundle to be carried with ease. The net is also designed to catch falling debris and keep it from making a mess in your home. The smallest order you can purchase contains 16 nets filled with logs that range between eight to ten inches in length. A typical order of 16 nets weights in at about 180 kilograms.

Net Size

25 litres

Net Filled Dimensions

50cm x 25cm x 20cm

Net Weight


Fuel Type

100% Kiln Dried Ash

Product Dimensions

32cm x 110 x 110cm

Product Weight


Dumpy Bag Comparison

0.7 Bag Loose

Moisture Content

Less than 15%


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