56 Nets Kiln Dried Ash Logs

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  • 56 nets kiln dried logs.
  • Free delivery in London.
  • Logs are a uniform 10 inches.
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In the world we live in today, everyone is looking for the best deal or the more economical buy. Our 56 nets package is that special deal that cannot be passed by. The bundle contains the same eight to ten inches, kiln dried wood that the other bundles do, but there are more nets. The overall weight is about 525 kilograms and it is offered at a price that will save you an amazing 25 percent. This is by far the most economical option if you want to obtain your firewood in easy to carry nets.

Net Size

25 litres

Net Filled Dimensions

50cm x 25cm x 20cm

Net Weight


Fuel Type

100% Kiln Dried Ash

Product Dimensions

145cm x 110cmx 110cm

Product Weight


Dumpy Bag Comparison

2.2 Dumpy Loose

Moisture Content

Less than 15%


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