Oak Firewood Full Crate

£399.95 £294.95

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  • Logs are a uniform 10 inches.

A full crate of oak is sometimes preferred over a crate of mixed hardwood. The logs are all still kiln dried, but oak logs will give a distinct smell and flavor food that is cooked over the firewood a certain way. The 1.7m3 pallet will net you a savings of 24 percent, which is a huge bargain when it comes to oak. A full crate of this specific hardwood weighs in at about 700 kilograms, so make sure you do not have to move it once it is delivered.

Fuel Type

100% Kiln Dried Oak

Internal Product Dimensions

110cm x 106cm x 145cm

External Product Dimensions

114cm x 110cm x 160cm

Product Weight


Dumpy Bag Comparison

2.8 dumpy loose

Moisture Content

Less than 15%